Why NSO Liability is Important


It’s not just doctors who are investing in liability insurance to keep themselves protected. Nurses need NSO liability as well, to keep them safe from false accusations that can cause an immense interruption in their professional and personal lives. Nurses who have devoted countless years of their lives to assist the public sector can one day find that an irate patient or a misinformed family member can point the finger at them for actions for which they were not actually responsible.

Special Needs Patients

Nurses who provide care to special needs patients such as the handicapped, children or the elderly are in need of excellent NSO liability coverage. Misunderstandings can sometimes arise as these demographics may have trouble communicating effectively, and family members may misinterpret the situation at hand. This can lead to false accusations of abuse and neglect that can quickly terminate a nurse’s career.

Protect Yourself

The only way to protect yourself from misunderstandings on the job is to purchase NSO liability insurance. With just a little bit of online research and a few phone calls, you can find the provider and plan that is tailored perfectly to your needs. Stay protected from false accusations and interruptions to your career by insuring yourself against unwanted litigation.