Does My New Restaurant Need Insurance?

Opening a restaurant is a dream for many entrepreneurs, but in the rush to open, too many would-be restaurateurs may overlook restaurant insurance. Generally, this critical tool exists to protect your restaurant from the high number of risks that you face the moment you open your doors. Here are just a few threats restaurant insurance in Arizona can protect you from.

Intoxicated Patrons

Be it New Year’s Eve or simply a Friday night, if a patron drinks too much at your eatery and goes on to injure himself or others, you’re typically considered responsible. Good restaurant insurance in Arizona should include liquor liability to protect your business.

Dishonest Employees

Even the best staff can include a bad apple or two. From forgery to embezzlement, employee crimes can drain morale and cash flow. Employee theft coverage often allows your business to recover should an unethical staffer strike.


Once your business is up and running, it can quickly become a target for criminal elements. Indeed, restaurants are often a favorite for burglars and even armed robbers. Crime insurance can offer some peace of mind should the unthinkable occur.

There are usually a million things to do when opening a restaurant. Make sure getting restaurant insurance in Arizona is at the top of the list to help guarantee your business has a long, fruitful future.