New Innovations in Insurance Rating


Insurance rating is a critical, central process for the insurance industry. Program administrators, insurance carriers, and managing general agents understand the importance of accurate, customizable rating in maintaining profitability and efficiency. New innovations in Insurance Rating Software streamline the process of completing insurance rating.

Complex Insurance Plan Rating

Insurance plans and transactions can be complex. To assist in this process, new software developments have introduced solutions that are able to accurately rate multi-location and package, multi-line, and multi-state plans. In addition, these new Insurance Rating Software solutions can be implemented in diverse environments including single desktops to complex, large organizations. Your rating process will be simplified with newer, more intuitive interfaces and automatic zip-code to ISO territory matching.

Customization to Meet Your Organization’s Needs

Because each organization has unique needs, new advances in Insurance Rating Software allow for customization that simplify your rating process. Advanced software allows your organization to create custom coverage options and equation-based variance options from a standard ISO system. In the past, you might have had to create alternative methods for customization that took up company time and resources. With these new options, you can integrate customization into your workflow and save time and money.

Research New Innovations in Insurance Rating to Benefit Your Organization

With the new advances in Insurance Rating Software, it is time for you to research new software solutions that will save your organization time and money.