What You Need to Know About Employment Practices Liability insurance

Running a staffing agency comes with inherent risks for your business. Every time you send an employee to another location, they have to learn a number of technical skills, rules and regulations in order to work in the new work environment, and failure to do so could come back to you in the form of a lawsuit or other issue. This is why you need to invest in employment practices liability and understand how it effects your relationships with other businesses and your employees. Some of the things you’ll need to know include:

• This coverage protects you from legal costs and fines in the event that a business customer makes against one of your employees regarding discrimination, sexual harassment and other serious workplace issues.
• This coverage option provides protection for a wide variety of employees in your staffing agency’s service. This includes employees that travel to other businesses to do their work as well as your in-house employees that take care of your agency’s operations.
• Not only does this protect you and your employees against accusations on part of the business customer, but also protects your employee in the event that they accuse the business they’ve been signed with of the same types of issues.

Keeping your employees safe is one of your biggest responsibilities, and having the right coverage on your side is a must. Employment practices liability insurance is the best way to get the protection you need in no time.