Manufacturer Liability Insurance and Other Common Coverage

As a manufacturer, you run across some unique risks in the workplace. Instead of guessing what type of coverage you need, it could be your best bet to speak with an insurance agent.

Manufacturer liability insurance is an obvious type of coverage. If a life-threatening accident takes place on your property, or if serious damage is done, your business can be protected. This coverage generally protects you against customers, employees and anyone who might be on your property. Two other common types of coverage are business property and workers compensation.

  • Business Property – In addition to liability, your property should be protected in case of an unforeseen incident. This incident might include a fire, windstorm or other natural occurrence. Coverage includes protection for your inventory, property and equipment.
  • Workers Compensation – As a business owner, you are only as good as your employees. Make sure they feel appreciated and protected with workers compensation coverage. This protection will help your employees in case they are injured while on the job. Depending on your policy, it could cover their medical costs and wages while they recover.

As you can see, manufacturer liability insurance is an important part of your business. Going one step further and including business property and workers compensation is another smart step to take. Contact your insurance agent today to learn more about the manufacturer insurance options you have.