Machine Wholesalers' Insurance in New York State


Finding affordable and comprehensive insurance coverage that fits all of your needs as an employer is part and parcel of doing business, which is why it is a good idea to look for machine wholesalers’ insurance instead of generic workers’ compensation packages for your business supply company. Specialized insurance packages that reflect the reality of your company’s needs are more cost effective, and they better reflect the realities of your workplace.

What to Look For

If you want to make sure that your insurance really reflects your company and your niche in the industry, look for the following in their information:

  • Endorsements from professional organizations like the Stationers Association of New York.
  • Clear coverage descriptions, including availability in various areas.
  • Opportunities for cost savings through dividend plans, safety reviews, and other programs.

These basic criteria will ensure that you are getting the best, most tailored coverage possible for your area, and being endorsed by trade associations is a big way for a provider to show that they are meeting and exceeding the needs of companies like yours.

Local Requirements

New York has some specific coverage requirements for workers’ compensation, but by purchasing specialized machine wholesalers’ insurance, you can meet those requirements and go further while also making the sound financial choice for your company. After all, if workers’ compensation improves workplace safety so that your employees enjoy better health and fewer accidents while rewarding you for it, then it really does pay dividends.