How Liability Insurance Keeps Insurance Agents Safe


As an insurance agent, it’s your job to protect the average human being from a variety of threats. However, who’s there to protect you in the line of duty? Austin insurance agents liability insurance is the main source of protection for workers in your field and offers a wide variety of protection options that keep you covered from a variety of different angles. When it comes to selling insurance, there are more threats than you might initially consider, and your liability insurance should protect you from them all. Some of the main issues your insurance covers includes:

  • Miscommunications between yourself and your clients that might lead to a loss later on.
  • Instances in which a client opts to ignore your sound advice and experienced loss as a result, and then claims they were never made aware of the policy in question.
  • Coverage of a certain amount of the legal costs associated with being accused of any misdirection, regardless of whether you’re actually liable or not.

Any one of these issues can be expensive and can put you in a huge deal of hot water with employers and customers down the line. That’s why it’s a must to have Austin insurance agents liability insurance on your side when you’re on the job.

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