Liability Insurance Is Now Available for Nurses

Malpractice suits can be a part of a nurse’s modern life. Whether it is a valid claim or not, patients frequently file suits against their caregivers for perceived wrongs or inadequacies. That is why medical personnel frequently find themselves in need of a legal team for defense in a lawsuit. To help protect healthcare workers, nursing liability insurance now provides policies at a low annual rate.

What Does Nursing Insurance Cover?

Not all types of nursing liability insurance are created equal. With the large range of possible nursing positions, it is reasonable to expect there could be a variety of malpractice or liability insurance choices. When choosing which insurance is right for you, consider these options:

  • Coverage for licensing disciplinary defense
  • Defense of discrimination complaint
  • Legal defense in any administrative action
  • Selection of attorney

What are the Policy Types Available?

After selecting the desired coverage, select the specific type of policy required. Two types of policies for nursing insurance can often be found. They are:

  • Occurrence-based insurance covers occurrences only during the period covered by the policy. Limits are renewed at the beginning of each policy year, and limits begin anew.
  • Claims-based insurance covers only the incidents occurring during the policy period and only the claim for those incidents which were reported during that period.

A lawsuit can be a stressful event that can adversely affect a nurse’s career and personal life. Having a nursing liability insurance policy can provide added protection and peace of mind.