Liability Insurance for Dangerous Dogs

If you are the owner of a dog that might be considered “dangerous,” it may be in your best interest to look into canine insurance. Canine insurance gives protection to dog owners in the unfortunate event that your dog bites or injures another animal or a person. This dangerous dog liability insurance can give pet owners peace of mind that if an unthinkable event were to occur, the financial back-up would be there to cover resulting costs.

Canine liability insurance covers dogs of all breeds, pure and mixed, and from all types of backgrounds. Each dog will be underwritten individually based on unique characteristics that define it – not solely the breed. This rating system of risk factors includes many aspects that identify a dog’s likelihood of biting or injuring someone.

If your dog has been labeled “dangerous” as a result of its breed, personality, or history, there is a policy that can fit them. Likewise, if your dog is a breed that is commonly known as dangerous, even without an aggressive past, a specific policy can be created to fit your needs. While it’s never easy to imagine an incident of this type happening, dangerous dog liability insurance helps ensure that if something does happen, you and your pet will be protected.