An ISO Rating System Gives You Comprehensive Access and Features

ISO has long been acknowledged as one of the leading policy language writing platforms for Insurance Carriers, Program Administrators, and Managing General Agents. The processes for policy rate management and maintenance can be expensive, time-consuming, and labor-intensive. With an ISO rating system, you can streamline your work load. You also benefit from access to comprehensive coverage with commercial business lines, such as:


  • Automobile – This type of coverage generally includes business auto (and trucker), physical damage, motor carrier, and garage.
  • General Liability – GL protects your clients from liability claims involving bodily injury and property damage which occur on their premises or during any of their operations.
  • Commercial Property – This line of insurance provides for qualifying damages or losses to buildings, grounds, or business lots.
  • Inland Marine – Also known as “floater” coverage, this insures property while it’s in transit over land.
  • Crime and Fidelity – This kind of policy is typically designed for non-financial institutions, and covers areas such as employee dishonesty, forgery, and fraud.
  • Businessowners – BOPs offer property and liability insurance to small businesses, and they can be extremely beneficial to owners.


ISO Features Improve Efficiency


An ISO rating system can also provide a wide range of features to ensure that your rating and associated business needs are met. You’ll enjoy:


  • Reduced redundancy
  • Automatic updates
  • Validated information
  • Rate maintenance tools


Additional Options


While it’s true that ISO-based platforms come fully equipped, you can also customize them to fit your niche markets. Whatever your rate-management needs, ISO rating systems can provide you with all the access, features, and flexibility to ensure that you end up with the perfect product for your business.