Is Your Staffing Agency Vulnerable to Auto Claims?


You may have holes in your staffing agency’s auto insurance policy. While you likely have covered individuals whose central position is focused on driving and covered your company cars, you are still susceptible for instances that occur when full-time or temporary employees are driving on the job. Hired non-owned auto insurance will protect you against damages incurred.

Why Is A Policy Necessary?

In the office, you delegate jobs and understand what your immediate employees are doing. If they are driving on the job, you probably already have a policy in place. However, the driving that is completed by your temporary employees while on duty is still considered your responsibility, so if a client asks a temp to go get coffee or buy office supplies using their own car, you could be held responsible for a resulting accident. This also includes times when an employee drives a car owned by another business.

Protect Your Company

If you are uncertain what specifically is covered in your current policy, check to see if you are protected even in the case of small errands. While these incidents might seem unlikely, you don’t have control over the errands that contract employees are running. Make sure you are safe from any liability and get a comprehensive hired non-owned auto policy.