Insurance Program Solutions Designed for Senior Living Facilities


The goal of providing a dignified life for seniors, regardless of the level of care, is an open-ended process of assessing the dynamic needs of the senior living industry. The services provided by the facilities, caregivers, and the communities help ensure quality and rewarding daily living experiences. Offering protection that puts the primary emphasis on the well being of the residents serves a dual purpose by providing you with risk management tools and protocols to protect your organization. DigniCARE focuses on providing options specifically directed at offering quality insurance coverage options for residents of senior living facilities.


Program Features


Various types of insurance programs offer coverage for seniors. However, the DigniCARE program provides solutions that include not only loss protection, but also tools for supporting the welfare of the seniors. Innovative options targeted specifically for the senior living industry include:


  • Liability coverage for injury to residents


  • Liability coverage for injury to non-residents


  • Employee benefits liability coverage


  • Fire, theft, and other emergency events coverage


Protection Offered


Caring for seniors means being prepared for problems and risks. With DigniCARE, insurance and risk management offer peace of mind along with solutions if problems arise. Insurance program solutions designed specifically for senior living facilities allows you to be a proactive business owner by offering the best insurance and risk management solutions available. An effective insurance and risk management program supports the efforts of the senior living industry to provide dignified care in a nurturing environment while simultaneously offering the support necessary to alleviate risks, guard against injuries, and continue to develop and expand productively.