Insurance Needed in the Home Care Industry


Home care is a vital part of healthcare, as many patients find it most comfortable to remain at home but require assistance with daily activities. While this kind of job is important and beneficial to others, there can always be risks involved when managing personal affairs. Allowing a stranger into someone’s home can be a problem for an agency, as the employees of the home care agency are left unsupervised and can end up accidentally damaging property or harming the patient, or purposefully stealing belongings. If any of these actions were to happen, then the agency would be held liable.
This is why home care agency insurance is not only helpful but completely necessary. Accidents happen, as well as false claims and those with hidden, malicious intent. Due to these risks, there are various types of policies and programs that cover different aspects. According to, there are three main insurance policies to make sure you have.

Worker’s Compensation

Healthcare professionals face plenty of medical risks in the field as part of their service. The physical work involved in caring for someone can lead to injury and longterm damage, and exposure to illness can lead to infection. Worker’s compensation is needed for home care agency insurance in order to cover the medical bills of the employees.

Professional Liability

This type of insurance focuses on covering the legal fees involved in claims of professional malpractice. In terms of home care agency insurance, this would likely be needed in cases of negligence or personal information loss. Should someone become ill and claim it was due to the home care employee neglecting their duties, then-attorney costs, settlement fees, and other related payments would likely be covered by professional liability.

General Liability

As the name implies, this type of insurance covers more general accidents, such as more direct actions leading to bodily harm, property damage and personal injury. For example, if a patient is injured due to slipping and claims that the home care employee hadn’t properly cleaned the floor, then medical bills would likely be involved and could be covered by general liability.