Insurance Email Marketing Tips and Techniques


Email is considered by many in the insurance business to be one of the most rewarding and cost effective on-line methods of marketing your insurance products. Insurance email marketing allows you reach out to new as well as an existing base of customers with news updates on the many services and products your company provides. You can send out newsletters, marketing announcements, new sales letters and all other insurance-related information.


Benefits of email marketing


The great thing about it is that there are no postal charges, and the cost can be minimal if you do it in-house which makes it a very viable option for most agents. Even if you use an outside firm, you are saving on postage, printing, and other costs.


Another factor to consider with email marketing is that you can also measure the number of people who have shown interest by clicking on the links displayed in the mail through tools like Google Analytics. (This gives you an accurate idea of how people are reacting to your efforts and will help you plan on the areas that may need to be addressed).


You also have all kinds of people coming to your site for advice and information on a variety of different insurance coverage and policies. When creating your newsletter, or email contact list landing page, or form for people to sign up, make sure to set-up some parameters that will help you define what kind of insurance they want. For example, if a visitor wants commercial lines insurance, make sure to have them specify this somewhere on the form. Sending them leads through emails about types of insurance they wouldn’t be interested in would simply be a waste of your time and effort.


A creative way to get people to sign up for an email marketing campaign is to begin by offering them something free and that will have some sort of value to them. Some suggestions are to offer items such as:


  • Key chains


  • Calendars


  • Pens, or


  • You can start off by creating a free Ebook for each of the different insurance policies that you offer


Insurance email marketing can be a creative process that will help promote your business and grow your lists of clients through steady communications.