Insurance Coverage on Construction Sites


No matter how hard you try, as a general contractor or construction site owner, you know keeping everything under control is nearly impossible. From falling items to electrocution to employee sloppiness, there can be consistent site risks. Wrap up insurance coverage is a type of location blanket policy for projects in excess of $10 million that protects:

  • Contractors
  • Owners
  • Subcontractors

Whether you are an owner or a contractor, this is the insurance program for you. The OCIP and CCIP wrap up coverages both set up a sweeping blanket of protection in the form of an umbrella policy to help give you peace of mind. The construction specialist insurance firm of Haughn stresses that coverage is for the duration of the entire project, which can make it a highly cost-effective solution to site risks.

Site Risk Coverage

The basic insurance policy can be designed or modified to provide your specified coverage for your workers by including:

  • Builder’s Risk
  • General Liability
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Property Damage
  • Commercial Vehicle

Peace of Mind

You can also add specialized coverage if your site has extended risks. These coverages can include pollution coverage, construction risk, and errors and omissions protection for contractors. Although some consider the site insurance an expensive purchase, protecting yourself and your construction project from complex legal claims with ample insurance can defend your project, keep you on time, and limit your personal liability. Peace of mind is priceless.