Insurance Coverage for Boat Owners

Water activities bring a lot of joy and entertainment to young and old alike, but without the proper training and equipment, they can be dangerous. If you spend any time on the water, the last thing you want is an accident. If you aren’t covered by a watercraft liability insurance policy, you may be overwhelmed by the financial burden of repairing damaged property or paying for medical care for injured parties. An insurance policy can help provide some protection in situations like these.
According to the professionals at Arroyo Insurance, bodily injury and property damage are the two primary coverage areas of a watercraft liability policy. The policy can be used for boats or recreational watercraft like:

Pontoon boats

Just like other insurance policies, watercraft coverage comes with a limit. This is the maximum amount the insurance company will pay toward a covered loss or for replacement. The overall cost and coverage amount will depend on the type of boat and the length, as well as the geographical region of operation. Coverage conditions also specific areas where claims can be filed, often outlying rivers, inland waterways, lakes, and potentially ocean waters within a certain distance from the shore.
If you own recreational watercraft, you need to be sure that maintain a comprehensive coverage policy whenever you take it out on the water. This protects your financial interest and gives you the time to focus on having fun in the sun.