How Insurance Companies Can Effectively Use Social Media

Can an insurance company use Twitter? Should they post to Snapchat, Facebook, or Instagram? A decade ago, many of these words and websites didn’t even exist, so the answer was easy: NO!


Times have definitely changed though, and insurance social media is becoming more and more common. It can be an effective way to gain new customers, keep current customers happy, and even discover workers’ compensation fraud. Here are some strategies for how insurance companies can effectively use social media.


Have a Plan


One of the worst mistakes any company can make when it comes to social media, is not understanding why they’re doing it. Without a plan, mistakes can be made and time can be wasted. It is often worthwhile to hire a social media expert or a marketing firm with experience in insurance social media so that the company’s brand is protected.


Discover Workers’ Compensation Fraud


Insurance social media isn’t just for connecting with customers, it can also be used to spot fraud. For example, some companies monitor social media sites from claimants for posts that show them participating in activities beyond their doctor’s restrictions. Many people don’t realize that most of their posts are public and can be used in court.


Measure Results


Digital marketing is easily tracked. This allows insurance companies to compare analytics and decide what is effective and what isn’t. A good social media plan will include a constant reassessment of goals and results.