Incidents Not Covered by Professional Liability Insurance


Just as it’s important to know what is covered by Austin professional liability insurance, it’s just as important to know what is not covered by liability insurance. This knowledge can keep a person from having the false impression that their professional liability policy is a catch-all when it comes to legal mishaps.

Illegal Acts

While this one might seem obvious, it’s most certainly worth pointing out. Whether the illegal act was intentional, business owners should know that those acts are not covered by Austin professional liability insurance. Always use your best judgment and make yourself aware of the latest laws to avoid accidentally or intentionally breaking them.

Intentional Harm

On a related note, professional liability coverage doesn’t extend to malicious acts. Specifically, be sure you always adhere to the standard level of care expected of someone in your industry. There’s also ordinary negligence, which consists of not taking reasonable precautions, such as looking both ways while at a stop sign, to avoid injury or harm.

General Liabilities

It’s essential to bear in mind that general liability and professional liability are two different things. For instance, your Austin professional liability insurance won’t take care of you if a slip-and-fall accident occurs on your store grounds.

As you’re talking with your insurance agent about the protections offered by professional liability, find out if you need extra coverage to take care of gaps left by this specific type of coverage.