Improving on Social Media for Insurance Strategies

The goal of any social media marketing efforts should be to nurture your local community, rather than push the hard sell, since this is seen as too self-serving. The primary purpose of social media should be to be social and also to build relationships. The reason why implementing social media for insurance agencies works is because you are able to gain trust by showing off your expertise and interacting with people so they can get a better understanding of the purpose of having insurance in the first place.

Start out by balancing your posts about business with other subjects that are truly interesting to you. This way, you won’t come across as impersonal, since you’ll be posting things that are either inspirational, informative, or helpful to individuals or the community as a whole, and people will be much more interested in reading what you have to say, as opposed to someone just trying to sell products and services.

Consistency is a key component

Like any good marketing strategy, it takes consistency over a period of time in order to see the desired results. While blogging 2-3 times per week is a good idea, set aside at least an hour to post on your social media channel. You can spend part of that time finding relevant articles to post, subjects that help to inform your audience about any new developments in the insurance industry or you can even write personal posts that will engage people. The main thing is to schedule your time so that your site is consistently active, which will go a long way to establishing the relationships that will likely result in future referrals.

There are many ways to engage an audience

There are certainly lots of different ways to creatively engage with your audience so it isn’t just a one-way conversation. For example, if the company has an official referral program, social media is a great way to promote that program. Another great way to incite participation is by ending your posts with a question that will elicit answers from your audience. By continually engaging your audience, you’re building the type of bond that will help you to yield referrals in the future.

Many insurance companies cannot grasp to the full extent the use of social media for insurance agencies within their own organizations. The idea is to make sure that the firm’s social media goals are aligned across teams, business units, and regions. You should also stay abreast of all compliance regulations to ensure compliance and you’ll be able to confidently engage in social marketing, selling, and customer service.