Implement Preventative Actions Against Legal Malpractice

Legal malpractice insurance performs a major role in risk management. However, there are some additional steps you can take to manage concerns over malpractice issues in addition to a policy’s protection. Taking the following actions might help towards managing concerns you might have about malpractice

Attorney conflicts are considered one of the more frequently occurring types of malpractice claims. This potential hazard, however, can be managed if it is common practice to conduct thorough checks on potential conflicts in a litigation. You might consider developing a rigorous system and process that does not overlook any interested, named, or related parties.

Data breach is a developing area of risk for firms and with the prevalence of mobile devices, the threat of hackers accessing confidential data has grown. There are some actions a firm can take to protect itself. Implementing protocols such as encrypted software, virtual private networks, sophisticated password systems, and remote-wiping are just a few preventative measures a firm can set up to protect itself.

Preventative measures against malpractice can extend beyond legal malpractice insurance. Risk could be minimized by improving conflict checks and data security which are common areas of complaint. Revamping inadequate systems that could incite claims can be a big step towards protecting your firm in conjunction with your comprehensive professional liability insurance.