How Windstorm Insurance Can Protect You

In certain areas of the country, windstorms are a given, particularly in certain seasons. Because of the frequency of occurrence, you might benefit from windstorm insurance in Florida. Having a separate policy that specifically covers the damage done by heavy winds can help you avoid out-of-pocket costs for repairs.

Gale force winds can do extensive damage to roofs, windows and other aspects of your property. It is helpful to have a hurricane policy, but it only covers damage that occurs once the storm has risen to that intensity. A separate windstorm policy pays for repairs to your home and the structures around it, such as sheds, carports and garages.

It is just as important to know what your windstorm policy does not cover. Damage from flooding that occurs as the storm intensifies will most likely require a separate flood policy. The windstorm policy on your home will also not cover damage done to your vehicle as the result of high winds. For that damage, you will need to add a wind policy to your auto insurance package.

Windstorm insurance in Florida is not a catch-all for every storm event, but it can provide extra protection when heavy winds are the main star. It is worth discussing with your insurance agent to see if such a policy can be of use to you.