How To Reduce Workers Comp Claims


Worker’s compensation insurance is designed to protect workers who are injured on the job. The best protection, however, is prevention. Implementing a workers comp safety training program at your workplace can reduce the number of injuries that occur and thus reduce the number of claims you have to file. Here are three features of successful training initiatives.

1.Specific to Your Workplace

The experts at D&G Sayles Insurance recommend that you tailor your safety program to the specific safety hazards at your workplace. Generic safety tips can only take you so far. To truly address the risks your employees face, they need to learn about specific situations they may encounter.

2.Incentives for Safe Practices

People like being rewarded for good behavior. Employees with good safety records should be recognized. Something as simple as a certificate and a small gift can increase awareness and interest in safety protocols.

4.Worker-Led Initiatives

An engaged employee is a more effective employee. Consider putting together a worker-led safety team. Empower this team to take the lead on safety training and practice. When safety is important to both management and peers, you are likely to see your claims occurrences reduce.

Preventing unsafe behavior is the best way to protect your employees. As an added bonus, it also reduces your worker’s comp claims.