How to Identify Your Professional Insurance Coverage Needs


As an attorney, you may think that you only need general liability insurance coverage in order to keep yourself well-protected from lawsuits. However, most general insurance policies have gaps that should be filled with more specific coverage designed to meet your most pertinent risks as a lawyer. An attorney professional liability policy is designed can offer the coverage that more general policies may lack. Here are a couple of easy ways to identify your unique insurance coverage needs.

What Kind of Information Do You Deal With?

As a lawyer, you most likely deal with very sensitive and confidential information on a regular basis. Because you may unfortunately make clerical errors or accidentally compromise personal data, it is important to make sure you have attorney professional liability coverage to offer financial protection in these types of situations.

Do You Give Professional Advice?

If you give anyone professional advice at any time, then you need professional liability coverage in case one of your clients thinks that your advice is improper or inadequate and decides to sue. Since all lawyers give advice regularly during their career, it is imperative to have professional liability coverage at all times.

As an attorney, you face unique risks that other professions do not face. That is why you need special attorney professional liability insurance coverage to offer financial compensation for various legal situations that may come your way.


photo credit: L1040798 (license)