Homeowners Insurance Discounts You Should Be Getting


There are ways that you can save money on any product or service you buy, and homeowners insurance in Orlando is no exception. When you are shopping for a new homeowner’s insurance policy, be sure to ask prospective insurance agencies about these three elements that can get you the most out of your monthly insurance premiums.

Gated Communities

Gated communities appeal to insurance companies and homeowners alike because of the added security they offer. Buying in a gated community decreases the likelihood of your home getting burglarized. The diminished risk allows insurance companies to provide coverage at a lower cost to you.


In terms of saving money on your homeowners insurance in Orlando, you probably already know that having a security system or a fire alarm that reports to the local fire or police department will save you money. However, other sensors that keep you and your family safe can also provide discounts on your insurance premium. For example, carbon monoxide detectors and sensors that detect water and gas leaks can also decrease risk of damage to your home or injury to its occupants and save you money as well.

Updated Wiring and Plumbing

When it comes to homeowners insurance, what is outside the walls may not be nearly as important as what is inside. Homes with updated wiring and plumbing are safer and less risky to insure, which means you may be able to save money on your homeowners insurance in Orlando. Finding the best price and the best value for your homeowners insurance is essential. These three basic elements can provide you with major savings.