Homeowner’s Insurance Basics


It’s important to understand some basics about homeowner’s insurance before you shop insurance companies in Hartford, CT. Knowing a few terms, as well as the types of coverages they refer to, will help you comprehend your entire insurance picture. A skilled, expert agent should be able to make recommendations of these products based on what you need.

Components of a Homeowner’s Policy

The basics of your homeowner’s insurance include coverage for damage to your home and property. This also contains coverage for destruction and injuries caused by you, your family members or your pets. Furthermore, harm from destructive acts such as fire, storms, vandalism and theft are addressed. However, some weather-related issues like floods and hurricanes often require an addition to your policy.

Insurance companies in Hartford, CT will usually offer you typical policies that cover repairs and replacement. However, you’ll also need to think about exterior structures and items on your property, such as pools or sheds. Some policies only offer a minimal amount of protection, so you’ll need to inquire if the standard offering covers you adequately. Also, you may wish to tack on extra liability coverage if you have a pool, a trampoline, children under 18 in your home, or even pets.

Coverage Beyond the Basics

Holes in your insurance can leave you wide open for excessive financial losses. That’s why you need to shop smart and seek a comprehensive solution. Besides the usual options, consider adding items such as expanded liability and flood coverage as part of your strategy for protecting your home.