HGTV vs. Reality

Do you know how on HGTV everything works out magically for the homeowner to make all their dreams come true? Well, call that TV magic because the truth is that renovating your home is not an easy process. There is a lot to know before diving into a project that big.


You are going to need to secure money someplace to pay for everything: Materials, labor and any nasty surprises that might be lurking behind the drywall. Whether Great Uncle Lyle gifts your funds or you take out a construction loan of your own, don’t assume that your $2,000 budget will cover a full-scale revamp.


When you hire contractors, double and triple-check to be sure that they have contractor’s insurance. Additionally, contact your homeowner’s insurance agent and see what types of construction insurance — if any — you should be investing in. Still curious? Read the data found on for more information.


When there are no camera crews and TV producers to manipulate the passage of time, you need to understand what a lengthy process a home renovation can be. It takes a serious chunk of time to get things done properly, so expect delays and add on a few extra weeks to whatever is first quoted to you.

The “reality” in reality shows isn’t all that accurate, so use your discretion when judging projects based on TV shows. Understand that the realities of redoing your house are not always glamorous.