Have You Lumped Your Commercial Insurance Policies Together?


Wouldn’t it be nice to have all your commercial insurance policies in one convenient package? Fortunately, there is a way to bundle several policies together in something called a commercial package policy, or CPP insurance. Source: http://www.dsayles.com.

Areas of Coverage for a CPP

Generally speaking, a business requires several insurance policies to be adequately covered for unexpected situations. While it is possible to purchase separate policies for each individual situation, it is more convenient to lump them together for comprehensive protection. That way, you can be prepared for events that may impact how your business functions. The following are possible policies to include in a CPP:

General liability insurance
Natural disasters
Property insurance
Equipment breakdown insurance
Crime insurance
Commercial auto insurance
Inland marine insurance

While some policies are covered, there are also some that are not included in a CPP. Professional liability, workers’ compensation, and fiduciary liability are among the plans not included. If your business requires these, you may need to select the policies independent of the CPP.

Bundling Your Insurance Policies for Added Protection

Is your business protected against various unexpected situations? There’s now a convenient insurance package designed to combine your commercial policies together, called CPP insurance. With this insurance program, the majority of your commercial insurance programs can be combined and provide you with the protection you need.