Get Ahead by Being Resourceful

Beating out your competition in the staffing industry takes more than just hard work. You need to arm yourself with all of the knowledge that you can access. For example, even if you’re an avid researcher, you might not have thought to ask your staffing agency insurance provider for insight into your industry. There are also national organizations to which your company might belong: make good use of their collective expertise.

Look to Your Peers

There are several national groups that support or promote the interests of the staffing industry. Groups made up of attorneys lobby and litigate on behalf of the industry. Traditional trade groups set ethical standards and provide advice to members.

These national entities, along with the regional groups in your area, might be an excellent resource for any questions you might have about how to get ahead in the industry. They also offer some publications, so check with the relevant organizations to get an idea of what knowledge they have to offer.

Insurance Perspectives

Staffing agency insurance providers are also excellent sources of practical industry information. Similar to lawyers, insurance professionals solve a wide array of problems facing the staffing industry. They often operate in various geographical regions and service nearly any size agency. Whether you are a niche PEO or a national temporary staffing organization, you can probably get a useful perspective from an insurance agent with experience in staffing.