Free Tools That Can Help Insurance Websites Thrive


Now that consumers rely heavily on the Internet to both learn about and shop for insurance products and services, it only makes sense that more insurers are looking to increase their online presence through their company’s insurance websites. The important thing now is to help raise the visibility of your agency’s website, and here are a few suggestions on just how to go about doing this.

  1. Give your website a distinct look and feel – Using distinct (and sometimes unique) fonts can be the easiest and most beneficial way to distinguish your agency’s site from that of other agencies vying for the same audience, as well as having good use of promotional sites and advertisements, all of which will help enable your visitors to differentiate between trustworthy sites that offer the best insurance solutions and sites that lack that professional touch.
  2. Proper use of a news feed – Adding a news feed to your website that is constantly updated will give it an authenticity that will build consumer trust. Visitors, prospects, and those currently insured will be equally impressed by your ability to target current, market-related news items.
  3. Provide a guestbook and post free surveys on your website – Many agencies have found that adding a guestbook to their site can be a great way to invite feedback from visitors (which includes local prospects and clients). You can even purchase a system which will allow you to receive email notifications when new comments are added, giving you the ability to preview messages before they’re posted, in order to weed out any inappropriate postings. Surveys are a great way to further help you to connect with, and understand, those visiting your site. The messages left in the guestbook or answers to the survey can be a very helpful tool for inventing ways to improve your current business structure.
  4. Having a virtual tour will often impress visitors – Adding a virtual tour is a great way to familiarize new prospects with your office as well as help present both your business and professionalism. This is easily accomplished by providing a series of still photos with detailed captions or you may prefer using a video stream.

With a little work on your part agencies can quite easily turn their insurance websites into a stylized, visual web space, full of valuable information aimed at enticing visitors to consider you as a top choice for their insurance needs.