Four Rules to Save on Auto Insurance

auto insurance Sea Coast

While auto insurance Sea Coast coverage is a necessary fact of life that goes with the convenience of owning a car, there a handful of things you can do to keep the cost of premiums in line with what you can afford. If you pay a significant amount of your transportation budget in insurance, you may need to reconsider your needs against the amount of coverage you carry, the type of car you drive, and how much you drive.


  • Coverage and Deductibles – While it is great to have low deductibles and a huge coverage limit on your liability insurance, the cost of a lot of extra coverage (and lower deductible amount) can cause your monthly premiums to go too high. Balance your needs in coverage with the amount you can comfortably pay.
  • Consider Your Ride – The type and style of car you drive is naturally a huge factor in the price you pay for insurance. Not only the value of the car, but safety ratings and average statistics for theft of that make and model go into the cost of insuring a car.
  • Limit Your Miles – If you can commute to work with a carpool, bus, or bicycle, you will reduce your car insurance bill. Lower miles driven equals premium savings.
  • Extra Efforts – Insurance companies appreciate it when you help save them money. Added touches like a good anti-theft protection system on the car, and parking it securely when in big urban areas, can help avoid risks of damage or loss.


Consult with your insurance agent for more information on how to incorporate money saving, premium-slashing techniques into your auto insurance Sea Coast coverage today.