First Gate Insurance Offers Comprehensive Renter’s Coverage


If you rent your home, you still need homeowner’s insurance, only in this case, you’ll be taking out renter’s insurance on your residence. Many people make costly mistakes in assuming that their home or complex owner insures the property against all damages, but they don’t, nor are they required to by law. First Gate Insurance offers comprehensive policies to protect you even if you rent. It Is Affordable One of the biggest mistakes lessees make is assuming they cannot afford a renter’s policy. You can afford the insurance; it’s the damages you might incur without coverage that you cannot afford. Depending on your needs, your average cost for coverage could be as low as under $20 per month. When the policy is this affordable, there’s no excuse not to take it out. Consequences of Being Uncovered If you do not have renter’s insurance, you might face costly liability should

• Someone be injured inside your home

• Someone break into your home and steal your property

• You have a fire inside your home

• You cause damage inside your home

Recovering from the loss is expensive enough. Should someone sue you for slip and fall or other cause of injury, the financial loss can be devastating. Contact First Gate Insurance today to discuss your renter’s insurance policy needs.