Finding the Workers Compensation Coverage That Works for Your Business


If you run a business and employ staff in Virginia, you are required by law to have Workers Compensation insurance coverage. With this fact in mind, employers in Virginia have many good reasons to learn all that they can about Workers Compensation coverage. It makes sense to get an idea for what this insurance entails, and the ways in which it can protect you and your business.

What Is Workers Compensation Insurance?

Workers Compensation insurance helps to mitigate certain risks associated with running a business, specifically the risks involved with having employees. Should an employee be injured while at work, this coverage ensures that they will be compensated for their injury. All losses directly associated with the injury, including medical bills and missed work, can be included in this coverage. Without this safety net, employees can sue their employers for compensation. Essentially, Workers Compensation in Virginia guarantees that neither you, the business owner, nor any employee is financially responsible for workplace injuries.

Finding the Right Coverage

In addition to being required by law, Workers Compensation in Virginia protects you against potentially costly injury claims. This coverage provides for your employees’ health and job satisfaction, as well as taking care of your responsibility as an employer to compensate workers for any on-the-job injuries. All in all, Workers Compensation is well worth your while as a business owner.