Factors That Affect Business Insurance Premiums


While you know your NewMark insurance coverage is important, that doesn’t mean that you aren’t concerned about the cost. Keeping insurance costs down is always something to strive for. Understanding the factors that affect business insurance premiums can help you to make sure that you get the best cost possible.


For any type of insurance, a company is going to look at your past claims history. If you have made claims in the past, it will likely adversely affect your premiums. Past claims tell a company that you are more of a risk, so they will charge you more.


The locations of your business may make you a higher risk than other businesses. If you are located in a high crime area, then the chances of your business being broken into or otherwise damages are higher, and your premiums will reflect that. However, if you are in a great location where crime is low, then you will likely get a nice break on your premiums because the risk is lower.

While there are many factors that will affect how much your pay for your NewMark Insurance, your claims history and location will play a big part in determining your price. These aren’t really things you can control, but just understanding why they affect your policy can help you to better understand your premium costs.