Fabric Cleaning Insurance at a Glance

If you’re a dry cleaning professional, you probably already know the highs and lows associated with the business. When it comes to the lows – from missing or damaged items to machinery or vehicles in need of repair – dry cleaning insurance can be a real boost, protecting your revenue and reputation.

For those of you who are considering starting up a dry cleaning business, you might be wondering whether you’re eligible for insurance. Businesses and individuals eligible for insurance can include dry cleaners, commercial launderers, laundromats or coin-operated laundry facilities, and uniform rental and linen supply establishments.

Typically, coverage is based upon the risks determined for each unique business and those associated with the dry cleaning industry in general. Coverage protects both your assets and the exposures that affect the dry cleaning industry. Generally, coverage packages include protection for damaged and in-transit items, business vehicles and machinery, and property and equipment.

As part of their coverage packages, most dry cleaning insurance companies offer employment practices, cyber and umbrella liability. Some even offer pollution liability, which covers soil contamination from the use of dry cleaning substances. This type of liability can cover property damage, bodily injury, and the cleansing and removal of affected soil.

As you can see, insurance coverage depends on the risks associated with your unique dry cleaning business and on the conditions of the industry itself.