Engage Your Employees to Reduce the Risk of Accidents on the Job


In Virginia, if you have two or more employees, you are subject to the Virginia workers compensation laws. You have to carry insurance to cover the expenses in an injury on the job. For many employers, this insurance can be a large part of your overall budget for your portfolio. One way to control your costs is to get your employees on board to reduce and prevent injuries before they happen.

MakeĀ safety training part of your environment. Have monthly sessions where you can address concerns and look for ways to keep customers and employees safe. As an owner, you need to set the standard. If everyone is required to wear safety goggles when they’re in a certain area, they you need to make sure that you wear protection every time you step into that area. You also have to ensure the equipment is readily available and usable.

Set goals for safety. When those goals are met, reward your employees. For instance, if they go four weeks without an injury, bring in lunch. After six months, up the ante, maybe give everyone four hours of paid time off. Make all of your employees aware of the Virginia workers compensation laws, so they know and understand their benefits. At atmosphere of safety begins with knowledge and information, so that everyone understands why it’s vital to your business.