Employee Theft Concerns for Laundromat Owners


The operators of commercial laundry facilities face a number of exposures that require adequate amounts of Coin-operated Laundromat insurance for commercial launderers to deal with the risks they face.


Aside from being responsible for the care of the belongings of a number of customers, they have to hire people to run their operations and hope they make the right choices. Many employers put their trust in the people they hire only to later discover that they have been guilty of stealing, either money or other items, or misappropriating funds, which are all valid concerns.


Many business owners faced with the issue of employee theft


Store owners must take precautions to protect against insider theft, which actually happens quite often. You can help safeguard your business by doing extensive reference checks, background checks, as well as doing a careful examination of the resumes of potential employees. By not carefully screening new hires you may run the risk of providing opportunities for would-be thieves. Keep in mind that, by treating employees properly, and having good relationships with your staff, you’ll garner respect from them, and they will be less likely to steal.


Reducing or eliminating employee theft


By having employees sign cash count slips you can reduce incidents of employee theft. This process makes it more difficult to hide any cash shortages in the till. Have managers track anytime shortages occur, noting that most shortages generally appear at the end of a shift. Informing employees that the company has zero-tolerance when it comes to the stealing of cash from drawers, and if found guilty they will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. This can help take away any temptation.


If cash shortages do seem to be occurring during a particular shift, rearrange schedules and see if the shortages follow the schedule change. Re-arranging the work schedule will signal the thief that management is aware of the situation, making it more difficult for them to continue siphoning funds without getting caught. This approach often leads to the elimination of any shortages, or will hopefully expose the guilty party.


While the majority of employees are honest and loyal to their employers, there are always exceptions. If not discovered early on, this can turn into a major loss for owners, which is why Coin-operated Laundromat insurance is such an important thing to purchase.