Why Have Doctors’ Disability Insurance


Every year hundreds of people are injured and have to stop working while they heal. This can account for millions in lost wages and can even cause some to need to declare bankruptcy. Doctors’ disability insurance is designed to help physicians and dentists get the coverage that they need in the event of an illness or injury.


One of the biggest hurdles to overcome when talking about needing disability insurance, is that most people do not think that it can happen to them. The truth is that accidents cannot be planned and thousands of them happen every year. Disability insurance helps cover the cost of living when an accident prohibits working.


The second big hurdle is the fact that most people are underinsured. If doctors are relying on workers compensation and health insurance to cover their potential disability needs then they have a big gap in coverages. Not all accidents happen at work and health insurance rarely helps with lost wages. By comparing different policies it is fairly easy to see where the gaps are and find a plan to cover them.


Doctors’ disability insurance is necessary to help stay on a good financial footing in case of an accident or injury which results in an inability to work. This insurance can help with many kinds of disabilities depending on which policies are purchased. Finding a company that deals with many different doctors can help tailor a policy to fit the specific needs of the medical professions.


photo credit: Ars Electronica cc