Do You Require Marine Insurance?: Here’s What Californians Need to Know

Keeping your passengers, vessel and on-board assets protected by marine insurance is easier than ever before for residents of California. With the help of trusted insurance agents, you can have all the boat coverage you need rolled right into your own auto or homeowner’s insurance policy. Before you start your search for marine insurance in California, there are a few things you need to consider.

What Exactly Does Marine Insurance Cover in California?

Whether you’re traveling to Mexico or taking an evening cruise to go fishing, California has several types of tailored insurance coverages for any occasion. Here are a few types of liability insurance coverages made specifically for the state of California, which mariners may find useful.

  • Yacht or Boat Insurance (damage sustained to a boat from an accident or weather event)
  • Medical liability (medical treatments in the event of an accident or collision)
  • Mexican Watercraft Liability (boat or yacht-related damages sustained while across the border)

What Types of Businesses or Organizations Can Benefit From Marine Insurance?

No matter how complex your business or company may be, a reputable insurance broker can streamline your marine insurance in California to fully-cover any losses. A few types of companies that may benefit from commercial boat insurance include the following.

  • Marinas and yacht clubs
  • Boat or yacht manufacturers
  • Boat or yacht builders
  • Marine artisans
  • Shipyards and boat repairs
  • Marine Cargo