Different Types of Workers Compensation Programs


A variety of workers compensation programs are out there. Some will be better for your business than others. Look diligently into all the coverages offered so that you can best provide for your employees who get injured.

Medical Care

Naturally, any injury or illness an employee sustains while at the workplace should be covered by your policy. Medical care includes any time spent at the hospital for treatment. It should also include the cost of any medication necessary following treatment or paying for devices required during this time such as a wheelchair.


Rehabilitation, or more commonly referred to as physical therapy, is sometimes necessary if an injury was particularly severe. Sometimes it will take weeks or even months for someone to start walking normally again. Your workers comp insurance should also have enough to cover for disabilities should an injury lead to that. There are different disabilities, including temporary and permanent ones. It is also possible to be partially or fully disabled for any given period of time.

The goal of workers comp is to give an employee the care he or she needs in a timely manner. This will ultimately allow the individual to return to work much faster. Peruse through all the workers compensation programs out there to find one that has everything you may eventually require.