Did You Know There Is Insurance Designed Just for Medical Billing Personnel?


Many medical offices would be lost without the help of the medical biller. The billing clerk compiles information, transcribes codes, and sends out invoices. Without those requests for money and the resulting influx of paid bills, many medical offices would fail to have enough money to keep the doors open. But what happens when something goes wrong in the office? Medical billing E&O insurance to the rescue.

Errors & Omissions

Working in a medical office allows the clerks access to very personal information that can sometimes be mistreated, mishandled, or mistaken.

Errors and omissions insurance covers alleged negligence by the clerk for many errors including

Untimely posting
Incorrect coding
Billing errors
Mistaken insurance information
Posting to incorrect chart
Improper handling of private information

The medical billing E&O insurance can cover attorney fees associated with the legal action, as well as any other damages arising from the suit.

Cyber Data Breach

Many clients want enhancements for their errors and omission insurance policies. This is especially true of those dealing with network computers and the related private medical records of patients.
If you work in medical transcription or medical billing business, protect your business and employees with an insurance policy specially designed to cover the liabilities of the work they do. Peace of mind is priceless.