Dealing With the Financial Burden of Default Tenants


Over time, it might become likely that a rental real estate owner will face a tenant who neglects to pay the rent and refuses to leave the property. If it becomes necessary to begin the eviction procedure, mitigating potential financial losses may be one of your primary concerns.

Evictions can be very costly. Besides the obvious lost rental income, you may need to retain a lawyer to assist with the court proceeding. Incidental costs such as filing fees, repairs due to malicious damage and hiring a cleaning service can quickly reach thousands of dollars. Of course, this is assuming you conducted the process appropriately and within the legal guidelines of your state. If not, that total will likely continue to rise.

Insuring Your Rental Income

When your tenant is not paying rent, the experts at recommend that you have a strategy in place for recouping the costs of an eviction. Rent default insurance can help you recover funds lost during and due to the court process, such as:

  • Payments to help cover legal costs
  • Recovery of lost rent because of eviction or abandonment
  • Reimbursement of income if a tenant defaults due to death, military order or court decision

Evictions can have an enormous emotional effect on you. Moderating the financial impact with rental insurance could go a long way to easing your mind.