Custom Protection for Your Laundry Business

You might not think of laundry as something you need to insure. After all, it’s just clothes, right? But if you own a laundromat, it’s important to be sure that your customers are protected. Laundry insurance offers protection for both you and your clients if something happens during the laundering process.

Doing laundry may seem like one of the least risky activities a person can do, but there are plenty of hazards to be found in laundromats. Damaged clothing, fires from greasy fabrics, and slips and falls from spilled soap or water all have the potential to become costly for you. With the right laundry insurance coverage, however, you and your customers can rest assured that you’re protected from accidents. Look for coverage that includes equipment breakdown, business interruption, and consumer goods protections, as well as provisions for rowdy children, uneven floors, spills from leaky washers, and even people sitting on tables, as these are all issues that could come up.

Many laundromat owners believe that business coverage or general liability is enough, but if you don’t have coverage specific to your business, you may not be covered when it comes down to it. With the right kind of laundry insurance, you can be sure that you’re protected no matter what happens.