What is CoverageDock Insurance?


CoverageDock is the trade name of an online application branded as “The Safe Harbor for Cargo Insurance. “ The program is available to insurance industry professionals who offer cargo insurance to their clients. The application provides automated underwriting of certificates by filtering shipment information, thus eliminating errors. The CoverageDock insurance application also reduces processing time by offering a custom interface with freight forwarding software.


CoverageDock additionally provides an easy interface for insured parties to log in, view certificates, report losses and view the status of claims. The insured has the flexibility to file a claim using either the CoverDock interface or by filing a First Report of Cargo Claim Form.


Benefits of CoverDock


The CoverDock application offers a number of advantages for both insurance professionals and their clients:


  • The program can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Automated OFAC sanction screening during certificate issuance
  • No more manual reporting since insured shipment reports are generated automatically
  • Allows automated reporting and monitoring of claims
  • Permits quote requests in real time
  • Activity reports can be generated automatically


The CoverageDock insurance program provides insurance professionals with automated administration of cargo policies. It expedites turnaround time for special quotes, while keeping users within their underwriting authority limits. For the insured, the 24 hour access allows for easy claims reporting, enables viewing of certificates and monitoring the status of claims.