Coverage for Your Trucking Business

When you work in transportation, the business model is totally unique. Not only are you providing a service, but often your day to day relationships are with other transportation and logistics companies serving your client, not the client’s representatives themselves. You also take on unique risks when you move other people’s property from place to place, so you need trucking business insurance that reflects the unique features of your company.

Cargo Insurance That Travels

Like warehouse and storage companies, your business assumes liability for the cargo you carry while it is in your care. If an accident happens and another party is liable but doesn’t carry enough coverage, you may still wind up needing insurance of your own to handle the costs to your client. Motor truck cargo coverage is designed to protect you and your client’s cargo whenever your trucks have it out on the road.

Property Protection for Your Company

The investment in your vehicles is also an essential feature of your business, so you need to protect it. That means commercial vehicle coverage with the robust features that you need to take care of your drivers on the road, whether it’s a breakdown, an accident, or another common mechanical issue. Comprehensive property protection also covers your facilities, tools, and additional equipment assets, so make sure you’re carrying enough coverage for your whole business.