Coverage Considerations for Restaurant Insurance


While owning a restaurant might be your dream, getting hit with a lawsuit probably isn’t part of that dream. Quality restaurant insurance in Champaign IL is a must to keep your dream alive and to protect your finances. Learn which type of coverage you’ll want to include on your insurance policy and why.

The Basics

General liability and workers compensation are a must with any commercial insurance policy. For restaurant owners, general liability protects against slip-and-fall accidents as well as food poisoning. Workers compensation protects your employees in the event they’re injured while on the job. You’ll also want to make sure you have a property damage clause for restaurant insurance in Champaign IL.

Food Spoilage

Include food spoilage coverage to protect all of your refrigerated and frozen foods. You never know when your restaurant will experience a power outage or a mechanical failure that causes your food to spoil. Not only do you have to worry about the cost of the spoiled food, you might also have to worry about paying for a new fridge or freezer or repairing the ones you currently have.

Liquor Liability

Restaurants that serve alcohol should also have liquor liability. This type of coverage protects you from any claims brought against your restaurant for injuries and damage resulting from alcohol consumed at your establishment.

Keep your dream from becoming a nightmare with the help of a reputable and experienced restaurant insurance provider.