Comprehensive Insurance for Staffing Facilities

staffing agency insurance

As the business world expands and contracts with the natural ebb and flow of industry, sometimes finding a job can be more difficult depending on the economy. Staffing facilities provide for both industries seeking skilled workers and unemployed people who are looking for a good job. In order for such a business arrangement to be made, it is essential that the facility in question have appropriate staffing agency insurance. As with other types of insurance, this particular form of insurance provides protection for a niche area of business.


Coverage for Almost All Types of Temporary Staff


People who are interesting in working with a staffing agency might be concerned with who is responsible for temporary employees’ liability. For the most part, it is the responsibility of the staffing facility to provide insurance coverage for the employees they produce for other businesses. The types of temporary workers who can be protected include:


  • Interns
  • Volunteers
  • Independent contractors
  • The in-house staff of the insured agency


Limiting Risk by Investing in Insurance


Staffing agency insurance is much like other business owners insurance, but tailored for the specific demands of temporary hiring facilities. It protects against such things as accidental wrongful actions of employees, general liability, business-related auto incidents, and worker’s compensation. With the right coverage, all parties involved can be confident in the levels of protection that good insurance offers.