Why Does My Company Need Errors and Omissions Insurance?


Running a business can include many risks stemming from day to day operations. In some cases, these risks may develop into serious legal issues that will cost a business both time and money.

That’s why errors and omissions policies are so crucial for businesses seeking to remain protected when facing allegations of wrongdoing. The following are just a few reasons why every business should seek an errors and omissions insurance quote to ensure their enterprise remains viable, no matter what.

Mistakes Are Natural Part of Doing Business

Whether due to misunderstanding or a momentary lapse of judgment, even the most successful businesses can make mistakes from time to time. In some cases, mistakes could arise due to no fault of the business in question. However, the legal and financial fallout will rest on the company tasked with providing a good or service, despite its overall responsibility in the oversight.

The Financial Ramifications Could Be Devastating

Allegations of negligence or wrongdoing can have a devastating impact on a business. Just the legal costs alone may be enough to cause a business to permanently close. Additionally, such claims are not covered by standard general liability insurance, which means a business may be left vulnerable in the event an allegation is made.

Don’t Leave Your Business Exposed

When it comes to business, exposures and risks can take many forms. By securing an errors and omissions insurance quote today, you can rest assured that your business will remain covered no matter what occurs.