Common Types of Construction-related PPE


The single most important thing you can do to ensure employee safety in an active construction zone is to mandate the usage of personal protective equipment or PPE. PPE includes a number of different types of equipment that are exclusively designed to protect employees against safety risks and hazards. Workplace accidents are all too common in the construction industry and the importance of ppe cannot be overstated.

Types of Personal Protective Equipment

Hard Hats: These are probably the most common type of ppe found on construction sites. This is because head injuries can lead to the most serious of injuries and falling objects are a frequent occurrence during construction.

Dust Masks and Respirators: Inhaling too much dust or debris can cause serious respiratory problems. Inhaling paint fumes or any other kind of toxic substance can cause even more serious health-related illnesses.

Safety Goggles: Welding, sawing wood and working with air tools can all lead to objects being embedded in an employee’s eyes.

Earplugs or Earmuffs: Harmful noise levels from industrial noise is very problematic and can lead to permanent hearing loss if not mitigated. There is great importance of ppe to protect employee’s hearing.

Gloves: All employees use their hands during construction and approximately 150,000 hand injuries occur on construction sites each year. Some of the more common types of gloves used on construction sites include heat-resistant and cut-resistant gloves.