Common Risks of Temporary Workers at Staffing Agencies

All businesses have unique requirements when it comes to insurance needs. While some companies are a bit straightforward in what they need to be covered, organizations like staffing agencies can prove a bit more complex. The temporary workers that come through the doors of your firm must be covered by specific policies like Workers’ Compensation. Still, you don’t want to take out a full package for someone who will not be there longer than a few months. To achieve this, you need to address the common risks associated with temp workers.

Assessing the Risks of Temps

As reported by the professionals at, there are several ways to go about assessing the risks of your business. The best way to achieve success from the start is by keeping thorough records of your employees. These documents will prove vital in the event of an insurance issue, as all pertinent personal and medical info is included in the paperwork. Tracking how many hours each employee works can also be useful, as time is a huge factor when it comes to various insurance policy options. Additional ways that you can focus on the risks of temporary workers include:

  • Understand local and federal regulations
  • Follow each work order closely
  • Stay mindful of workplace risks and potential accidents

Follow the Right Protocol

Though it might be unique to try and insure a staffing agency, it is not a difficult journey when you know what steps to take. Review your options and find a solution that makes the most sense for your organization.