Choosing Contractors Insurance Coverage in Orlando

You may be a contractor whose specialty is home remodeling. A homeowner who is thinking of remodeling their bathroom may contact you, or perhaps a landscaper is needed to redo a back yard or repair a roof damaged from a particularly hard winter storm.  If you work in the state of Florida, your clients in the Orlando area will want the comfort of knowing that you carry contractors insurance when they require your services.


Whether your client is planning on putting in a swimming pool or adding a new room to an existing dwelling, they will likely get several bids and go with the one that is affordable, and give the job to the contractor they have the most faith in. Which is why you need to find a specialist who can create an insurance package tailored to your specific needs.


There are insurance agents available that can help contractors who specialize in different types of work, including:


  • General and Independent Contractors


  • Remodeling


  • Concrete and Building


  • Electrical


  • Landscaping


  • Roofing and Gutters


  • Swimming Pool Installation, and


  • Repair Contractors


People have become smarter when it comes to hiring independent contractors. Most will insist upon a certificate of insurance for general liability insurance. As a contractor you will also want to carry insurance to protect workers who might get injured on the job. Florida requires this form of insurance for any employer with one or more employees.


There are several types of policies available to protect both you, and your business. For example, commercial auto, surety bonds, commercial umbrella, and professional liability are available, to name a few. In order to win more bids and get more work you should get in touch with a qualified insurance agent about your particular Orlando contractors insurance needs.